TR7 & 8 

Produced 1976 -

Designed in-house from scratch there are no carry over parts from previous models. Designed as a hard-top monocoque coupe with a live rear axle, McPherson struts and a 4 cylinder engine it was a complete change to the TR ancestry.

TR7 Engine, gearbox and rear axle were all derived from the Dolomite. Engine - Single overhead cam, 4 cylinder, on a 45 degree slant.

Bore = 90.3mm  Stroke = 78mm  Capacity = 1998cc. Twin carburettors (U.S. versions with Strombergs while the rest of the world got SUs).

U.S. engines - compression = 8.0:1 92bhp. Rest of the world engines - compression 9.25:1 105bhp.