Produced 1967 - 1968

Compared to its mid-Sixties rivals, the TR4A had great handling but very little power the performance figures were similar to the TR2.

Triumph dropped its new 2.5 litre fuel injected six-cylinder engine, creating the TR5.  (with twin Stromberg 175CDs for the TR250)

In the United States, where emissions legislation meant twin carburettors had to be fitted the new car was named the TR250.

Build TR5 = over 2900,  TR250 = over 8400

Engine : six-cylinder in-line, 2498cc, (Lucas fuel injection)  Bore - 74.7mm x Stroke - 95mm compression 9.5:1
Four-speed manual, optional overdrive, rear wheel drive
:Discs front, drums rear.
Front: double wishbones, coil springs and dampers. Rear: independent, semi-trailing wishbones, coil springs, lever dampers.
:125mph.    0-60:  8.8sec