Produced 1961 - 1965

The Triumph TR4 is the archetypal sports car: open-topped, sleek-bodied and traditionally British.  It has been a favourite since it entered production, and was launched in 1961 and ran until 1965. Over 40,000 were produced.

By the early Sixties Triumph recognised that the market was changing.  Sports car buyers were becoming more sophisticated. 

The new design had to use the existing (TR3A) car's (widened) chassis.  Italian car stylist Giovanni Michelotti's new shape kept the Triumph image intact, but made it much more practical than the outgoing TR3A.

The 4 was the first TR to have wind-up windows and a fresh air heater. A surrey top option involved a fixed rear screen and a removable steel panel which bridged to the windscreen.

Mechanically, it was a direct development of the TR3, using a live rear axle and a 2138cc (86mm bore x 92mm stroke) engine enlarged from the earlier 2-litre incarnation. It also got rack-and-pinion steering.

To drive, the TR4 is the epitome of the Great British sports car.  Growling engine, open roof, lively handling: no modern two-seater could ever give you such a sense of occasion.

Engine = Four-cylinder in-line, Bore=86mm x Stroke=92mm 2138cc, compression=9.0:1 twin SUs or twin Strombergs
Four-speed all-synchro manual, optional overdrive, rear wheel drive
Discs front, drums rear.
Front: double wishbones, coil springs and dampers. Rear: live axle, leaf springs & lever arm dampers.
22661b (1020kg)
 107mph           0-60: 10.9sec
Built - over 40,200

TR4A Produced 1965 - 1967

In 1965 when sports cars were becoming more comfort orientated, Triumph decided the TR 4 should gain independent rear suspension. The car was given coil springs with semi-trailing wishbones that brought about increased rear grip and a softer ride. Detail changes were also made to the interior and grille while the engine output was slightly increased. Launched in 1965, this new TR4 was given the suffix 'A' and was badged IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) on the bootlid. Over 28,000 were produced.

Power 104bhp
Front: double wishbones, coil springs and dampers.
Suspension Rear: independent, semi-trailing wishbones, c
oil springs, lever dampers.
Built - over 28,400