Produced 1955 - 1957

Introduced in October 1955 the TR3 developed 95bhp and later 100bhp. It had front disc brakes, a new cylinder head and a stronger rear axle. Over 13,000 were produced between 1955 and 1957.

Engine = 4 cylinder wet liner  Bore = 83mm x Stroke = 92mm, Compression = 8.5:1, 1991cc

Built - over 13,300

TR3A Produced 1957 - 1961
In 1957 a number of modifications were introduced and subsequent cars were unofficially known as TR3As. A full-width grill was introduced along with external door handles, and improved brakes. Over 58,000 TR3As were produced. In 1959 86mm bores were available as an option, raising capacity to 2138cc.

Built - over 58,200

In 1962 as a result of American dealer's reluctance to take the TR4 a run of over 3,000 TR3Bs were produced for that market.
The 2138cc engine and the all synchromesh gearbox were fitted as standard

Built - over 3300